Performance Management Workshop


Workshop Outline

Goal Setting
  • How do you measure 'Success'?
  • 10 ways to set effective goals
  • 11 strategies to optimize reaching goals
  • Personality characteristics of goal achievers
  • Goal Setting vs Goal Getting
  • Why people don't set goals?
  • Manager's Action Plan (A Practical goal setting exercise)
Organizing, Prioritizing and Time Management
  • Discovering yourself - what are your habits
  • Daily / weekly / monthly organizing
  • Prioritizing activities using the
    "PRIORITIZING QUADRANT" (A practical exercise)
  • 'Smart' vs. 'Dumb' work habits
  • Managing within time
  • The procrastination drawer vs getting things done
Productive Performance Appraisals
  • 10 benefits of Productive Appraisals
  • Avoidign trouble zones and pitfalls
  • 8 errors to avoid in performance reviews
  • Tackling difference in 'performance Perception'
  • Preparing for the interview / process
  • Managing vs leading
  • Balancing expectations
  • Emotional Intelligence - how it affects the appraisal system


Managing People
  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Criticizing team members effectively
  • A positive approach to developing teams
  • Emotionally Intelligent teams Creative teams
  • Determining your leadership style
  • Delegation
  • What to delegate and what not to
  • Common mistakes in delegation
  • Delegating to motivate
  • Delegation to 'move higher'
  • Motivating Self & Others
  • Internal vs External motivation
  • Motivated vs De-motivated performance
  • Removing the de-motivators
  • Laws of Motivation
  • How to motivate your staff
  • 'Needs vs Rewards', Exercise


The workshop includes Though Provoking Exercises / Self-assessments / Short quizzes

Trainer's Profiles

Facilitator: Haseeb T Hasan
Prime Areas
: Motivation, Personal Growth, Sales, Character Building, Organizational development, Cross Cultural Communication, Negotiations, Leadership and Business Expansion areas & HR.
Haseeb T Hasan, CEO Intek Solutions, is going to conduct this training program. Haseeb brings with him extensive industry experience of working in the US and Singapore. He worked with various multinationals for 13 years before opening Intek nine years ago. He is a qualified trainer on areas such as Negotiation skills, Leadership, Project Management, Presentation skills, Advance Selling skills, Motivation etc. He can be contacted on

Facilitator: Stephen Smart
Prime Areas
: Communication Skills, Creativity, Organization Development, Negotiation Skills, IT Skills, Project Management, Team Building, Time Management, Train The Trainer, etc.
Steve has a unique background; he previously travelled the world working in the glamorous world of foreign affairs for more than 27 years. He travelled very extensively spending many years in the sub-continent and Arab speaking world. He spent more than 11 years as an IT specialist and trainer and amongst the various jobs he was given he eventually became an installation, training and project management expert.

He brings another facet to the World of INTEK with his extensive experience in performance biased organization management, administration, accounts, human resources in a small to medium project management through from planning, survey, procurement, to installation, implementation. An experienced “In House” – trainer, he has a UK N.V.Q qualification as an “Industrial Trainer”. He is also a qualified counsellor / mentor. Steve is indeed very popular as a trainer at Intek due to his versatility, articulation and humorous easy going style.

Please note that this workshop can also be tailored specifically for Your Company's requirements as previously conducted for various industries in the past seven years. (List can be obtained on request).

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