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Workshop Outline


      Motivation     Leadership
  • What motivates people?

  • Practical applications of Motivation Theories

  • 9 Laws of motivation

  • Avoiding / channelizing De - Motivators

  • Individual Vs. Organizational Motivation

  • Cultivating a sense of mission

  • Internal vs. External Motivation

  • Linking personal growth with professional growth

  • Communicating to motivate

  • Using words / expressions that motivate

  • The Power of 'Self-Esteem'

  • Etc.


  • Various styles of a leader - Situational leadership

  • Characteristics of 'Effective Leaders'

  • Theory 'X' and theory 'Y' (Mcgreggor)

  • Leader Vs. Manager

  • What sort of a leader do you aspire to be?

  • Assess your leadership style today to improve
    (self evaluation exercise)


  Leading & Motivating Others  

Leader as a 'Coach' and 'Team Builder'

Leader as an 'Innovator' and 'Creator'

  • When is coaching needed

  • What are the benefits of coaching

  • When to coach and when to facilitate

  • Effective delegation techniques

  • How creative are you - exercise

  • Developing your 'Intuition' further

  • Mind-opening games - 'Lateral Thinking'

Leader as a 'Negotiator' Leader as a 'Person'
  • Evaluating your communication and negotiating style

  • The 'PRAM' Model

  • Internal vs. External Negotiations

  • How personality affects professional behavior

  • Basic personality characteristics that we take for granted

  • Developing the 'Self' & 'Unlearning'

  • 'Spiritual Growth' and 'Soul Searching'

Objective Facilitator

By the end of this program senior level management participants will be aware of their own leadership style and how they motivate others. The program addresses crucial aspects of personality, including perception integrity, strong character, discipline, self motivation among many others that have a direct impact on the way we lead others around us in a Cross Cultural Environment.

Intek's founder member Haseeb T Hassan has developed and has conducted this program at various levels of management. he has accumulated 20 Years of working in different cultures around the globe - Detailed profile can be obtained at www.intekworld.com. Haseeb's mobile number is 00971 - 50 - 6795068, if you wish to speak to him personally.


The Workshop Includes: Self-Assessments, Short Quizzes, Group Discussions, Mind Opening Games etc.

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