Marketing for Non - Marketers

No matter what industry you are in or what job you are doing
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Aug 26 - 28


Marketing is the one fundamental activity undertaken by all organizations, if they intend to gain a strategic advantage. This workshop focuses on “easy to implement” tools needed by business development managers who believe that marketing success or failure can literally make or break organizations. Workshop includes case studies, concepts, templates, etc that can be applied immediately.

Who should attend?

Business managers who wish to enhance their in-depth understanding of marketing concepts in today’s global challenges. Business managers who consider Marketing as a corner stone in business success. Also intended for progressive marketing professionals who intend to add to their rich experiences by blending up-to-date marketing theories and techniques with best global practices.

Research shows us that inaccurate ‘strategic decisions’ are the costliest mistakes many companies are making in this region.

Benefits of this Workshop

*      Developing successful marketing strategies

*      Selecting the “right” product and services

*      Evaluating marketing strength and weaknesses (SWOT)

*      Learn to identify the right markets

*      Executing & Monitoring

*      Etc.


Course Outline


*      Why some companies  succeed / why others fail”

*      Characteristic, success strategies for your businesses

*      Competition, how to overcome it, paralyze it and dominate your market

*      Formulating your strategic marketing plan

*      Measuring your customer value

*      Market Research

*      Controlling your marketing strategies

*      Marketing Mix, make the winning recipe

*      Segmentation and Positioning

*      Strategies for Success

*      Dollars: Make more and save more

*      What is “branding” all about?

*      Communication, advertising and promotion how it works and how much should you spend?

*      Marketing research, how is it important? How much should you spend?

*      Determine the productive relation between marketing, sales, production and financial departments

*      What are the various reporting formats that assist in effective implementation?

Some Thoughts

*      “The Japanese came to the US to study marketing and went home understanding its principles better that most US companies did”

*      “Marketing is both a philosophy of business and a business function”

*      “What is the difference between a Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) and Marketing Plan (MP)?”


*      “Marketing is not about telling lies to secure a quick sale – and a lot of dissatisfied customers – the aim of successful marketing should be  to establish, maintain and enhance long-term customer relationships at a profit, so that objectives of both parties involved are met”


Four unfocused view on Marketing

The Department Head

The Financial Director

“Save money, just add another department. Offer a standardized customer service function. Who cares about expensive specialists?”

“Do it by the book, Avoid risks. Look  at previous research to confirm you are on track and the rest will look after itself”

The Chief Executive

The Sales Director

“Who cares about ‘arty’ marketing ideas? I am not interested in sales or marketing techniques. Just make me a dollar, pound or yen, and
make it snappy”.

“It’s all sales. If you can’t sell now, cut the price, sell high later. As for quality, value and care – a smile gets you everywhere. Trust me on this”

The workshop includes case studies, thought provoking self-assessments, short quizzes, group activities,
mind openers, role-plays, etc. at various levels


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Please note that this program can also be customized according to Your Company's specific requirements whereby upon conducting a "Climate Survey", your specific requirements can be incorporated to ensure an effective ROI.

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Best regards

B Shelley
Workshop Coordinator (UAE & Asia Pacific)

"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"


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