Dubai May 16 - 18, Nov 2 - 4
Jeddah May 2 - 4
Riyadh May 9 - 11
Doha April 12 - 14
3 Day Workshop

Managing in difficult times ...

Research has proved that the single most important factor that determines an employee's performance is dependent on the way he or she is managed by his/her immediate manager or supervisor. Getting the best out of people is an art as well as a science. Do consider either attending this workshop yourself or nominating your valued executives who can benefit from this workshop, professionally as well as personally. Look forward to receiving your registration email... Its indeed a very highly inspirational workshop.

Course Objective

To equip participants with effective managing tools to motivate and facilitate their teams. Prime areas of focus include Goal Setting, Delegation Skills, Team Building, Leadership, Time Management, Communication, Stress Management and Motivation. Detailed Course outline is provided below.

Who Should Attend

Course Outline










 Workshop Outline - 3 Days

Corporate Pyramid and barriers to progress

How people progress

Perception vs. behavior

 Goal Setting

  • 11 strategies to optimize reaching goals

  • Personality characteristics of goal achievers

  • How to improve planning skills

  • SMART Goals practical examples

  • Why people don't set goals?

  • 10 ways to set effective goals

 Team Building

  • Smart teams vs. 'not so smart' teams

  • Help employees achieve their goals

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Characteristics of effective teams

  • A positive approach to develop teams

  • Emotionally Intelligent teams

  • Develop your colleagues


  • Ideas to use when delegating

  • Common mistakes in delegation

  • Grooming your replacement (to move higher)

  • What should you delegate?

  • What you shouldn't delegate?

  • Manager 'A' and Manager 'B' styles of delegation

 Time Management

  • Learn to say ‘No’ effectively to reach your goals

  • Smart work habits

  • You cant manage Time, you can only manage yourself

  • Does time control you or you control time

  • Time wasters

  • Weekly prioritizing quadrant - a practical tool for planning

 Stress Management

  • Various techniques to control stress

  • Factors which create stress

  • Turning stress to your advantage

  • Stress releasers

 Leadership Skills

  • Basic Leadership qualities

  • Types of leaders

  • Leadership Vs. Management

  • Discover your leadership style

  • Practicing good leadership tools

  • Motivating your team (your No. 1 job)

 Communication and Body Language for Managers

  • How to nurture relationships

  • Changing your language

  • My ‘pitch’ may not be the right ‘Pitch’

  • Operating at a ‘neutral’ ground

 Motivating Self and Others

  • Internal vs external motivation

  • Laws of Motivation

  • Motivated vs non-motivated performance

  • How to motivate your staff?

  • Removing the de-motivators










The Workshop includes Thought Provoking Self-Assessments and Short quizzes for each
of the topics

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Saudi Arabia







16 - 18


12 - 14


2 - 4


9 - 11



Note: All Trainings will be conducted at a 5 star hotel. Lunch, refreshments, Certificates, individual attention will be provided to each participant to maximize your investment. You will indeed witness a positive change in performance after the workshop.

This workshop can also be tailored specifically for your company's specific requirements. You can expect your nominees to return highly motivated to take charge to conduct corporate meetings and presentations, effectively.

If however, you wish to nominate a few of your valued managers to the above open-house workshop, please do so on the registration form below or email at or call 00971 4 334-2830(Dubai). (Fax 00971 4 334-2831).

Best regards and have a pleasant day!

B Shelley
Workshop Coordinator (Middle East & Asia Pacific)
"Please email if you would like to have this program Customized specific to your organization's requirements"


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