Highly Inspirational 2 day Workshop for Managers Responsible for Increasing Performances of their People...

Jeddah - 15-16 February, 2012

Riyadh - 19-20 February, 2012


Managing sales teams is indeed an art as well as a science. Keeping Sales people motivated is the biggest challenge of any business development manager.

 Workshop Objective

 Benefits to you and your organization

 Who should attend?

Experienced Sales Managers who need refresher in managing sales activity, including recently appointed Sales Managers and soon to be appointed Sales Managers who need to learn more about management in a sales environment. This is a highly motivational program that will help you to return back to your work places with highly contagious motivational skills. Your management will indeed witness a positive change in your management and leadership skills.


Workshop Outline


• What motivates people?
• Practical applications of Motivation Theories
• 9 Laws of motivation
• Avoiding / channelizing De - Motivators
• Individual Vs. Organizational Motivation
• Cultivating a sense of mission
• Internal vs. External Motivation
• Linking personal growth with professional growth
• Communicating to motivate
• Using words / expressions that motivate
• The Power of 'Self-Esteem'



• Various styles of a leader - Situational leadership
• Characteristics of 'Effective Leaders'
• Theory 'X' and theory 'Y' (Mcgreggor)
• Leader Vs. Manager
• What sort of a leader do you aspire to be?
• Assess your leadership style today to improve further (self evaluation exercise)





  • What makes a good sales manager

  • How Sales managers impede progress of sales people

  • Learning to deal with sales people psychology

  • How to improve star performers

  • Setting objectives and goals

  • Evaluation strengths / weaknesses of members

  • Running sales meetings

  • Sales tracking and follow up system

  • Training the sales team

  • Motivation your staff and making them assume ownership of company targets

  • Developing your leadership style

  • Dealing with difficult sales people

  • Strengthening your strategic focus

  • Creative exercises

  • Becoming a proactive manager

  • Perception of your sales people

Additional bonus of attending this workshop:

  • Goal Setting skills

  • Team Building skills

  • Delegation Skills

  • Time Management

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills and Body Language of Managers

  • Motivating Self & Others


The Three Levels of




Leader as a 'Coach' and 'Team Builder'

  • When is coaching needed

  • What are the benefits of coaching

  • When to coach and when to facilitate

  • Effective delegation techniques

  • Develop good coaching skills

  • Coaching and motivating

  • Develop good coaching skills

  • Coaching and motivating


Leader as an 'Innovator' and 'Creator'

  • How creative are you - exercise

  • Developing your 'Intuition' further

  • Mind-opening games - 'Lateral Thinking'






Leader as a 'Negotiator'

  • Evaluating your communication and negotiating style

  • The 'PRAM' Model

  • Internal vs. External Negotiations





Leader as a 'Person'

  • How personality affects professional behavior

  • Basic personality characteristics that we take for granted

  • Developing the 'Self' & 'Unlearning'

  • 'Spiritual Growth' and 'Soul Searching’



Date/s - Venue - Investment




Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Riyadh



15 - 16

19 - 20

 Trainer's Profile

Haseeb T Hasan
Haseeb accumulates over two decades of practical experience. His experience can be divided into two time segments:
Haseeb worked for various industries and organizations in US, Singapore and Pakistan. Organizations include British American Tobacco (6 years), LU Biscuits, Merrill Lynch, Ammar Textiles and Informatics (Beaconhouse education system). During this period he worked on different assignments including Marketing, Finance, Sales, MIS and Business Development.

Driven by his Mission in life, Haseeb embarked on establishing Intek, initially, as an IT training center. Two years later General Management Training was introduced and he alongwith his wife, started expanding their training and consultancy business to other cities and countries. Haseeb’s earlier employment experience helped a great deal in devising (Practical) training programs suited to various industries promising clients value added training and consultancy services.

During these years Haseeb gained experience as a “Master Trainer” through prominent institutions in USA and Singapore.

Prime Areas of Expertise
Haseeb has developed and conducted Consultancy/Trainings in a wide range of subjects, which include, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, Sales & Marketing, Team Management, Delegation Skills, Presentation skills, Business Development, Organizational Development, Customer Service, Advance Selling Techniques, Motivation, Performance Appraisals, Cross Cultural Business expansions, Creativity, Project Management etc...

Organizational Level

Besides Training Haseeb is a Consultant to many organizations in the areas of “Business Development”, “HR”, “Change Management”, “Organizational Development” and “Re-engineering”. He is consultant to various industries including, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Chemicals and Travel businesses.

Personal coaching
Haseeb provides training and consultancy, not only at an organizational level, but also on a personal basis. He has provided one on one coaching to innumerable CEOs, Leaders, Singers, Actors, Politicians and Celebrities etc. Anybody who is familiar with Haseeb knows that Training is not just another job for him – it’s a passion and hobby for him. Many people have ranked his “Motivational Skills” amongst the highest of all techniques of training that he

Personal Information
Educated in USA. Now aged 51, Haseeb resides in Dubai with his wife, Zaufyshan (who is also a partner in training) and three teenage children. Personal hobbies include training people, photography, Yoga, meditation, spiritual growth, reading, writing, traveling, running marathons, making new friends, self development, achieving challenging goals, social contributions - to name a few.


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B Shelley
Workshop Coordinator (UAE & Asia Pacific)
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