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Communicating, Negotiating, Providing Customer Service, Leading, etc. in a Multicultural Environment

Workshop Outline

2 days


Where in the world is globalization leading us?


  • How perception controls behavior

  • Failure to understand an opponent’s perspective

  • How we form judgments of others and self

  • Misinterpretation of communication

  • Learning to look at “other side of the picture"

  • Famous global marketing mistakes

Personality Characteristics of “Global Smarts”

  • Observation skills

  • Intuition

  • Open mind

  • Empathy skills

  • ‘Assertive’ not ‘Aggressive’ style`

  • Emotional Intelligence, etc.

Dimensions of Culture I (Macro)  

  • Values for beliefs
  • Religion

  • Patterns of thinking
  • Time and Space orientation

  • History and traditions
  • Norms, etc.

Dimensions of Culture II (Micro) - Factors to consider within a culture of a person

  • Education and Exposure
  • Communication Style

  • Foreign travel
  • Socio economic level

  • Personal attributes

  • etc.


International Business Etiquette

  • European business etiquette
  • Japanese business etiquette

  • Korean business etiquette
  • Business etiquette in the Arab World

  • Business etiquette in United States

  • etc.


Multicultural Management and Negotiations  

  • ‘Cross Cultural’ Communication Strategies
  • Differentiating ‘interests’ from ‘positions’

  • Negotiating in a Cross Cultural environment
  • Establishing ‘Neutral ground’, etc.

  • Identifying norms/perception of the other side

  • Differentiating ‘interests’ from ‘positions’

  • Developing win / win strategies
  • Establishing ‘Neutral ground’, etc.

  • Resolving conflict in a multicultural environment


“Customer service” in a multicultural environment  

Leading’ and ‘Managing’ with cross cultural considerations
  • Developing a ‘Global vision’
  • Managing people from diversified cultures

  • Discovering “Motivational fuses” of your team members
  • Developing ‘Group Harmony’

  • etc.
Motivating across cultures
  • Internal vs. External Motivation
  • Various theories on motivation
  • Laws of “Universal Motivation”
  • Eliminating “Hidden De-motivators”
  • Motivating self before motivating others
  • etc.

Other topics include, web marketing in a cross-cultural environment and monitoring
your cultural presence in cyberspace

The Workshop includes Thought Provoking self-assessments, short quizzes, group activities,
 mind openers, role-plays etc. at various levels


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