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  Vision 2100

“To facilitate and contribute towards a new order of things”

We believe that a “new order of things” is in the making whereby mankind would change its century’s old unplanned norms and practices and start giving more attention towards a true happy, healthy, content state of affairs during the life span of an individual thus making this world a better place to live in. The common sense that prevails now at an individual level will indeed form collective understanding and decisions across the globe irrespective of boundaries, mind sets, habits, beliefs before the end of this century. This (plus much more) is at the core of Intek’s unshakable momentum as a driving force towards that vision.

We welcome and need your energy towards this Vision!!!

Mission Statement

    The Intek team intends to become and remain market leaders in the field of self-development, with regards to increasing productivity of Individuals & Companies - While establishing a long term partnership. We wish to be recognized for offering the Best Quality and an excellent Customer Service. We will operate a High Quality, Growth Oriented, Business in a Progressive Environment.

The Intek Team

Core Values

We, at Intek, believe and follow the following core values in conducting ourselves personally and professionally:

  1. We will always follow and advocate the right “Moral Path” (based on goodness preached by all religions in this world) in conducting our activities, training workshops, seminars, consultancy etc businesses.

  2. We reflect our strength through integrity, character and discipline in our daily thoughts and actions.

  3. We respect our competitors and believe that they are also contributing positively towards our vision. We will join hands with them where necessary but maintaining our identity.

  4. We will help those in need regardless of commercial gains. We will offer free services to NGO’s, schools, universities, deserving individuals, sick companies trying to survive, good causes etc on an ongoing basis.

  5. We will follow our conscience in maintaining the “Right Way” of conducting ourselves in this world. We will seek advise from each other when in doubt.

  6. We will maintain “healthy and positive” relationships with our clients, partners, employees, associates, suppliers on a win/win basis.

  7. We will always maintain a “Long Term” approach in our client relationships by being honest with them even at the expense of losing business opportunities in the short term.

  8. When in a conflict with any party, we will be the first to withdraw.

  9. We devote ourselves to benefiting others, personally and professionally, unconditionally.

  10. We will give the best of our (ever increasing) abilities/skills to anybody who comes “The Intek way” or passes the “Intek Path”.

Quality Policy

  • We, the Intek team, endeavor to design and offer the best quality computer and Management Training to individuals and companies, to increase their productivity and quality of work.
  • We will strive, not only to meet customer expectations, but to exceed our customer's expectations.
  • We, highly committed team of professionals, intend to become and remain market leaders in the field of self-development by operating as a high quality and a growth oriented organization, in a competitive and an ever changing environment.

  • Quality is not just considered another responsibility at intek-it is a passion.